As of the 21at August 2013 we will no longer be accepting new partners on to the White Label Dating Platform. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Regards, Team

About Us

About our online dating solutions

IDE's white label dating solutions are here to help you set up a successful online dating business where you make money on your terms: you get the best technical knowledge, the most complete platform, a vast free database and a deep appreciation of the dating market. You're in control of the rest.

Expertise and experience

Every part of our expertise and experience is solidly behind you. All we've learned, discovered and developed over a decade in this business is at your side. Everything we can do to make your white label dating operation a success, will get done.

As with any venture, you only get out what you put in; there's no free lunch. You'll know that. But when you think about starting a business with the right potential, some ideas are smarter than others, giving you the best chance to get on.

And you're looking at one of them.

Full control

Always remember that our success depends on yours; we only make money when you do. So we're serious about making your business work.

With IDE white label dating, there are untapped markets waiting for you. The best platform and support in the industry is right behind you. You can take full control of your own online dating operation.

You can do it now. You can be in business today. You can start making money tomorrow.

Ready when you are.