As of the 21at August 2013 we will no longer be accepting new partners on to the White Label Dating Platform. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Regards, Team

Simple, Smooth & Straightforward

the best business ideas usually are

You don’t need any experience or IT skills.

There’s nothing to download or install.

You concentrate on making the money; we make sure the backroom stuff - and the support behind you - is the best in the business.

The world’s your market.

Dating is as diverse as life.

That’s why you have so many potential markets to aim at. People are looking for serious relationships and casual encounters - from commitment through to one-off fun and all points in between, regardless of age, gender or belief.

With IDE's white label dating solution, there’s no fuss and no upfront finance.
It takes less than 20 minutes to be up and running. It’s as easy as this:
(unless you’re looking for a more bespoke dating site, please call us on +44 (0)203 4354 365)


1. Choose a domain
you may already have one

2. Give your site a name
you may already have one

3. Choose the country
in which you want to operate

4. Choose a dating market
Traditional, Niche, Casual

5. Tailor the look and feel
of your site to your needs

People’s interest in people is endless; it’s what makes life so colourful.
So to cater for every taste, our dating sites extend across three categories:

Traditional relationships, typically
with a view to long-term commitment, make up our mainstream sites.

Niche networks enable individuals to meet someone a little more specific to their
interests, whether it’s age range, hair colour, ethnic background, divorced, single parents, the possibilities with our platform are endless.

For the people that want to flirt and have
fun; those looking for something relaxed and racy, rather than a long-term relationship.

Using all the features and functionality of the best white label dating platform in the industry, your members will see the value of your site to their lives. You’ll get their confidence, trust and loyalty, and your business will have real credibility.