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January news and tips on how to create a successful brand!
Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 at 1:45 PM

What a fantastic start to 2013! As most of you know January to March is the busiest time in the dating industry. With the focus of Christmas out the way, New Year’s resolutions going strong and Valentine’s Day coming up, singles are in the mood for dating and casual/traditional sites are booming!

Some of you have made the most of this and increased your marketing spends / adapted your SEO and it shows. In January we saw registrations increase by a staggering 39% and the revenue reflects this as well. Due to people being more open to purchasing membership our overall free to pay conversions were stronger in January as well which helped make January the strongest in 10 months. The partners who maximised this will not only be rewarded this month, but they will also see their hard work pay off in the up and coming months as the recurring payments continue to generate revenue.

If you didn’t make the most of January it’s not too late. Dating is still in the peak season and if you act now you can still make the most of February and March. If you are looking for advice on PPC or which affiliates to use, we have a team that can help. Please email for more information.

  We also attended the Industry and Internet Dating Conference and the most talked about subject was the importance of branding.

Unless you are buying traffic that goes directly to your site you need to create an establishedbrand that will have some longevity. Users don’t search for ‘dating site in London’ anymore. Instead they search for brands they have heard success stories from or have seen in the media.

Unlike before, users will create 4/5 dating profiles across sites to check out the brand and the product and to see if the people on the site are what they are looking for. They will also shop around for value and try to find reviews of your site. Hence why it is so important to create a trusted and recognisable brand!

You can create a brand in many ways but here are some tips to get you started:

Write blogs about your site, related articles and post it on the net. It doesn’t have to be dating related, but it needs to be informative and related to your nic he. Open up a dialogue with the user and allow comments and make sure you check the comments regularly so you can address any negative comments. Instead of deleting these reply to them with a positive spin.

Try and get your site mentioned wherever you can. If there is a relevant issue happening in the media, get your site plugged and make it relevant. Your site will be more reputable if it is connected with a well-known brand.

List your site on review sites and price comparison sites. If you do the latter make sure you add the bonuses like chat functions, database size etc.

Get testimonials from users that have used your site and post it on FB, your blog etc. Your site will carry more weight if it is reputable.

Listen to your users. You may not be able to change the functionality on the site, but you can add value. Find out what your customers want. You can use the newsletter function we have available on the partner admin to do this.

If you would like any advice on how you can incorporate our tools and features in your marketing plan our partnership team will gladly assist. Please email for more info.

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